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With my red marker, I write E8 on the top, short, and long sides of my moving box. In my notebook, I write down the number and exact contents: coaching, personal development, and psychology books.

It seems such a simple idea, but it would never have crossed my mind. I saw my friend do it when I helped her move three months ago. And mèn, I love knowing where my precious box from St. Petersburg, my party stuff, and my Rummikub game is.

My husband suggests stacking the books in two columns on opposite sides of the box. That way you reinforce the corners and increase the strength of the box, avoiding total collapse in the middle of the move. I flunked science in high school, so that’s a great tip.

The New York Times quotes therapists and psychologists who share that moving is an intensely emotional experience: “It is filled with symbolism, the hope for new beginnings, crushing disappointments, loss, anxiety, and fear.”

I agree 100%. But packing and moving together makes it 200% easier. You can look at the challenges from multiple angles, build on each other’s ideas, and hold space for all the feelings that come up in the move.

Other things are easier too when you share the experience. The one thing that the participants in my Leadership Circle love the most is realizing that they are not alone in their struggles and challenges.

These are some of the issues that they have in common:

  • The overwhelm of facing the constant pressure of taking care of your team and moving the agency forward, sometimes waking up in the middle of the night to finish up,
  • How to deal with conflict within your team, or with your supervisor,
  • Grieving the loss of colleagues who you got close to,
  • How to balance being a professional and having feelings on the job,
  • Create support systems for your team so they don’t get burned out by trying to save the world.

You might have different ones. But I’m pretty sure that there are others like you who struggle with it.

In the first week of May, we start a new circle. Six bi-weekly sessions. Are you a person who contributes to others?

Schedule your free discovery session to talk through how you could help other nonprofit leaders.

P.S. Read the New York Times article about the psychology of moving.

P.P.S. This weekend we are moving into our new home, two houses down the block. But you can still reach out to me by phone and email: 512-589-0482 |

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