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Empathy works. It always does.


“I loved working with Elly.  She is a a highly skilled communicator who has highly developed listening skills.  She’s excellent at hearing her clients and helping them listen and be heard as well. Elly provided a structure for mediation between me and my sister that enforced calm and focused conversation in times where we may have otherwise become too heated and been less productive. Elly was very genuinely interested in helping us to find resolutions that worked for both of us, and ways to move forward after our time with her was over.

I’d recommend Elly over and over again.” Tracey Hayes, Austin, yoga teacher, July 2016

“I loved your room, and our calm voice and demeanor were a huge help at keeping things settled down.” Aimee Hayes, Plymouth, July 2016

What is mediation?

Mediation is a collaborative process to deepen a shared understanding of of each party’s’ concerns while empowering every participant to formulate solutions that work well, without the need to compromise values.  The mediator fosters a climate of unconditional acceptance, understanding, and compassion for each parties’ position. She helps parties gain trust and develop greater transparency.  When parties are able to openly share their feelings and underlying needs, they create solutions that fully and compassionately support the experience of the other party. Mediation has the power to transform enemy images into deeper connection and a greater willingness to fulfill requests. Participation in the process also empowers the understanding and skills needed to continue the dialog beyond the mediation session, building trust between parties, and self-trust within parties of their own conflict transformation skills.

What are the benefits of mediation?

  1. Understanding of key concerns of all parties
  2. Acceptance of each other’s experience
  3. Ability to connect to the feelings and needs in each other’s experience
  4. Finding mutually supportive strategies
  5. Empowerment to continue the dialog beyond the mediation session

Principles of Elly van Laar Coaching

  • Conflict is an opportunity to connect and understand
  • Empathy and compassion always work
  • We focus on creating a safe container for honest expression and open listening
  • We support self-determination
  • You are the master of this process, Elly helps you grow your conflict resolution skills

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