Helping couples in divorce maintain mutual respect

Empathy works. It always does.


(c) David Nayer, 2016-2-27

“Before meeting with Elly, my work was consuming. I was working hard, but not in directions that nurtured my commitments and passions. In my conversations with Elly, I discovered a path to grow and develop professionally, while preserving time, energy, and love for being a husband and a father. Elly asked powerful questions and listened with such care. I now have the presence of mind to be in partnership with my wife as our young son grows by leaps and bounds.”

Eric Mann, Math Author and Educator, March 2016

Empathy works. It always does.

Whether it is with an agitated spouse, an upset child or a judgmental colleague. In times of celebration and mourning. If you want to translate complaints and criticism into feelings and needs. Empathy is the top-notch ingredient of successful, fulfilling relationships, personal and professional.

The last decade I have dedicated deepening my empathy skills and my consciousness of Nonviolent Communication. I’ve found that empathy allows us to connect and see the other person as a human being who just tries to meet their needs. Empathy even inspires us to contribute to those needs in a way that includes ours.

Empathy can be learned. I can coach you, your partner and your organisation to empathize with others and with yourself. To accept blocks to empathy and find new ways to include all needs. Together we work to strengthen your sense of purpose and meaning. The impact of empathy is profound and life-changing.

I would be honored to schedule an intake with you. Contact me to set up a day and time.

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