Nonviolent Communication and Conflict Coach

Experience unconditional, non-judgmental acceptance and an emotionally safe environment to reflect on your priorities. Elly’s exceptional listening skills and powerful questions help you see your life from an objective and different perspective. With her grace you dare to fail to learn.

As a result you can make good relationships better, fight in a more constructive way, and understand the needs behind feelings, strategies, and demands.

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Together we work on clarifying what is truly important to you, reflecting on your priorities, preparing to ask for what you want with Santa-Claus energy: “Hoho, wouldn’t this world be a better place if my needs are met?”

“The words can’t capture really what the experience is to work with Elly. It is not three-dimensional enough, I guess that would be the way I’d say it. It’s really a moment of slowing down and being present and being valued as a human being. Not for what I’ve done or haven’t done, or know or don’t know, or my degrees, just simply that I exist, which is unique.”

Jen Collins

Associate Professor, TTUHSC


We use your conflict to understand what’s important to both of you, and work together so you can move forward. Bring your partner, sibling,  partner, and transform conflict into trust.

“I began this process hopeless, and through Elly creating a ceremonial space to share grievances, I ended with hope for a renewed relationship. Through Elly’s mediation, I was able to understand and communicate with my sister in a way we had not been able to in several years. Elly skillfully navigated us through tough emotions and ensured that all parties felt heard. Once we felt heard, it was a lot easier to think about solutions. Thanks to Elly, my sister and I are talking again.”

Radha Newson

Yoga teacher, Self-employed

Group training

Learn how to empathize and talk compassionately. Understand the needs behind the feelings, strategies, and demands. And find solutions that work for everyone.

I have really enjoyed the sessions I have attended. It’s been a unique experience. Not like anything else I’ve seen or heard of. I’m meeting with total strangers, but within 15 to 20 minutes, I feel connected, more connected with them than with a lot of people that I’ve known for years. And that’s pretty magical. And it’s done in a very matter of-fact way.”

Jon Freeman

Software Consultant, Freeman Consulting LLC

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A bee is waking me up

A bee is waking me up

What is the difference between empathy and sympathy? And why do we even care? I believe empathy helps us to respectfully understand what others are experiencing. This helps with supporting them most constructively. Read what bees have to do with all of that.

A pole is not a pole

A pole is not a pole

When you reflect, before you react, you can increase the chance of true understanding. This in turn helps with collaboration and conflict resolution.

Taking the leap

Taking the leap

What kind of support do you need to reach your Big Hairy Audacious Goals? When we know failing doesn’t mean, we harm ourselves, it is that much easier to take risks and learn from the experience.

Shame, Creative Tension, and More

Shame, Creative Tension, and More

All my commitments fly out the window: “I reflect, before I react.” “I see the positive in every person and every situation.” “I accept myself unconditionally, especially when shame arises.” In a second. I have nothing left but a puddle of shock, fear, shame, and...