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“You have a vision,

let me help you achieve it.”

Transformed as a Leader

“Working with Elly has really transformed me as a leader and as an individual! She does a wonderful job helping me to ask the right questions, giving me tools to help me to discern the answers, and brainstorming practical ways to incorporate these ideas into my everyday work life. What a gift she is to me!”

Sofia Barbato

Director of Supportive Services, Foundation Communities, Austin

Path to Grow Professionally

“Before meeting with Elly, my work was consuming. I was working hard, but not in directions that nurtured my commitments and passions. In my conversations with Elly, I discovered a path to grow and develop professionally, while preserving time, energy, and love for being a husband and a father. Elly asked powerful questions and listened with such care. I now have the presence of mind to be in partnership with my wife as our young son grows by leaps and bounds.”

Eric Mann

Principal, Kabele School, Austin

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Hi, I’m Elly.

I help leaders build better teams. Teams that work together to achieve their mission.

Are you:

  • a purpose-driven leader who wants to inspire your team?
  • so dedicated, that you sometimes forget to take care of yourself?
  • dreading challenging conversations with staff who under-perform?
  • feeling confused how to prioritize different demands?
  • wondering how to stay focused with all the day-to-day distractions and emergencies?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, I can help. With 25+ years of experience in nonprofits, and a proven track record of supporting leaders in their professional development, I understand the specific challenges you face, as well as what your team needs to work well together and fulfill the mission of your organization.

Through a series of coaching conversations, I will help you gain clarity and confidence around what makes you a better leader, build a better team, and achieve your vision.

Esquisitely Powerful

“I have been stunned by the work Elly and I have done. Elly has a gift that is precious and rare. She listens with a heart that is open, clear, vulnerable, quiet and exquisitely powerful. She captures the essence of what she hears in a profound and touching way. I do not know how to describe my work with Elly. It is magnificent and I cannot imagine my life without our time together now. It is like air I breathe.”


Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Lubbock

Enlightened and Empowered

“Working with Elly has been an incredible experience. I came away after 5 sessions feeling greatly self enlightened and empowered. She gave me the tools to not only work through my own personal concerns and insecurities but also how to handle my encounters with others around me. My understanding of what is truly important to me has been given a direct path finally and I have Elly to thank for that!”

Marie Matisans

Business Relations Coordinator, Workforce Solution, Austin

Leadership Coaching

If you want to accelerate your communication and organizational skills, your prioritization and focus, and enhance your contribution to your team: this is for you.

I help you reflect on your values, your goals, your obstacles and sources of support you have available. Together we make your plan to move forward so you can be a better leader.

Client Benefit Story

Team Coaching

Is your team ready to work on tools for effective communication, constructive feedback, collaboration, and learning?

We create an honest and empathetic learning environment, so that your team can deepen understanding, unfold mutual support, and generate ideas to better serve clients.

Client Benefit Story

Organizational Learning

Does your organization want to take it’s performance to the next level? Work on a shared vision, a culture of trust, and explore assumptions and strategies?

We work in a longer trajectory to reinforce systems that support learning, leverage everyone’s unique expertise and develop solutions that inspire team mastery. Fun, exciting, and profoundly meaningful.

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