About Elly

2016-2-27, David Nayer 2“Elly makes you feel VERY comfortable and builds instant trust and credibility as she gives you 110% of her complete attention. She goes out of her way to really embrace your situation, remembering even the tiniest details. There is absolutely no feeling of shame or judgment with Elly, only care. I finally feel like I’m on the right path thanks to Elly. I suggest that anyone who has any sort of anxiety, trouble communicating, or just an overall uneasy feeling about their lives give Elly a shot and take her up on her free consultation offer.”

Matt Martens, Austin, May 2014

As a child I dreamed to be an author. In my teens an actress. And in my twenties a politician.

In the last decades I became more and more interested in the conditions for human connection. And especially in one of the most fascinating parts of life: how empathy helps us to connect and collaborate with each other.

Now at 53, I do what I love most and do best: write about, coach and practice empathy.

I feel honored to support individuals, couples, and organizations in strengthening their empathy skills, by modeling, didactic material and practice.

I am passionate about what I do. Coaching people through challenges and help them make choices beyond their imagination. In alignment with their values and aspirations. I am inspired by their courage and authenticity. I am excited to see how empathy skills contribute to their sense of meaning, purpose and contribution.

And if I am not coaching or teaching? Then you can find me on my meditation cushion. Visiting my friends and family in the Netherlands. Or reading books, riding my bike, knitting. But most of all: hanging out with my biggest fan, supporter, and teacher: my husband, David Nayer.

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You can contact Elly van Laar Coaching Monday-Friday 10:00-6:00 pm