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Help me

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“Help me”

Something softens in me. My heart opens up. I am not alone, I can ask my friend to help me figure out what would work for ALL of us.

“Help me”

It is a message of courage and vulnerability. I open up and own my needs for mattering, acceptance, support. I share how stuck I am in my strategies. I let go of my fear and pride and convey that I don’t know, that I am not as strong and well-together as I would like to be seen.

“Help me”

It is a message of mattering. To myself. That my needs are important enough to be considered. That I am important enough to receive support for my happiness.

“Help me”

It is a message of trust. To my friend. That I know her compassionate heart, her spaciousness and willingness to include my needs in the choices are enough to collaborate. That I matter enough to her to help me.

“Help me”

It might be one of the most powerful messages of connection. Here I am. Vulnerably, naked in my needs. Scared with my thoughts that I won’t belong, accepted, matter. Tender to reach out for your helping hand. I trust that you have the wisdom, compassion, and love to support all our needs.

“Help me”

This might be the most powerful message to my friend to convey my love and care for her, my sincere intent to include her needs, my regrets for all the times that my behavior was a “tragic expression of unmet needs” (quote Marshall Rosenberg), and my dedication to learn how to nurture all needs, most certainly hers.

Let me say no more. Just “Help me”.


You want help to learn how to ask for help? Contact me 512-589-0482 to schedule a complimentary, discovery session to see if and how I can help.

Author: Elly van Laar

I am a coach. I specialize in helping mission-driven professionals bring their lives into balance. I have a Master's degree in Political Science, Leiden University, the Netherlands. I'm currently in an ICF-coaching certification program. I love meditation, walking, gardening, biking, and hanging out with family and friends.

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