Do you?

Much on this blog is about me. About an ordinary woman with a big dream. A woman, who passionately wants to create a world where everybody belongs. Where everybody listens in a way that brings connection and harmony. A woman who dedicates her life to bringing joy, love and harmonyDo you?

Much of this blog is about me. About an ordinary woman who stumbles and falls on this path of compassion and mindfulness. And rises again. Like a phoenix from the flame. A woman who never gives up. Not on herself, not on you, not on us. Do you?

Much of this blog is about you. My friends on the path of compassion and mindfulness. Friends who want to leave this world a better place. Friends who are looking for support, encouragement, inspiration. Friends who are willing to give it their all. Friends who understand that changing the world starts with yourself. Friends who see and trust that we are basic goodness. Do you?

Most of this blog is about us. A community which holds on to each other, sees the positive intentions, and supports learning from mistakes. A community which hangs in there, is willing to sit still when the storm races over and dances when the sun comes out. A community which is willing to self-reflect, to make friends with our inner demons, and laugh about them, no big deal. A community which empathizes with our struggles, and rejoices at our successes. We’re enjoying the path of compassion and mindfulness, not striving for results. We love just making this one step towards more compassion, acceptance and inclusion in the world. Do you?

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  1. ik heb een idee. zo simpel. je zou je bijdragen in deze blog kunnen bundelen in een boekje. zodat iedereen voor het slapen gaan een stukje kan lezen. wat toch makkelijker is dan met een laptop op schoot. hoe vind je dit idee?

    1. Heel leuk idee! Dat is ook een beetje mijn bedoeling. Mijn blogs helpen mij om “author platform” op te bouwen, zodat publishers vertrouwen hebben dat mijn boek verkoopt. En mijn blogs helpen mij ook om mijn “pen” aan te scherpen. Leuk om te lezen dat dat jou ook een goed idee lijkt!

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