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“Dear beloved laptop, travel companion on my trips to the Netherlands, NVC-trainings and work,

Thank you so much for all the support you have given me in the last 4½ years. You have been crucial in expanding my business, keeping in touch with family and friends, writing my blog. You were light and small, and you easily fit in my purse. I loved your periwinkle color. You were a precious gift of my dear husband at exactly the right moment. So many needs were met with your presence: support, efficiency, safety, reliability, connection.

Image courtesy to Wikimedia.orgAnd now you’re growing old. It takes you ten minutes to start up. You’re out of breath if I open three applications. You freeze if I give you two assignments at the same time.

You can rest now. My beloved husband gave me a new notebook. Again, exactly at the right moment. You gave your best, you gave your all, and now you reached the end of your life. I don’t want to squeeze out the last drops of life in you. I honor your limitations and celebrate the contribution you made. I will store you in a peaceful place, and hold you in my hands once in a while, with gratitude for all you did for me, and appreciation for the support my husband offered me when he gave you. I acknowledge my needs for efficiency and order, respecting my longing to live a life of ecology and mindful consumption. And maybe, in the far future I will bring you to the Ecology Center, so you can be recycled and start a new life. I know that you will always make someone happy, whatever form you take. Thank you so much, dear friend.”

Mindful consumption doesn’t necessarily conflict with efficiency and order. It can add to it. Do you want help to balance your needs for mindful consumption with other needs? Contact me 512-589-0482. I would be excited to work with you.

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