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20160312_074300“I deeply appreciated your panel, Elly. I found it informative and calming and it was one of the most useful talks that I attended. Thank you for your contributions.”

Carolyn Cohagan, writing teacher and author of “Time Zero.” Austin, March 2016

I loved being at the panel at SXSW

As you might  have read earlier, I was one of the panel members at the SXSW Online Harassment Summit, March 12, 2016. My panel talked about responding with empathy and compassion to online hatred and harassment. I was super excited about it. I revised my website, printed new business cards, registered for Square and reviewed my material with the other panel members.

I was ready to rock and roll.20160312_092348_picmonkeyed

And I think I did. My Dutch friend -whose visit coincided with my panel participation- shared afterward “You had zest. You engaged the audience. Your enthusiasm inspired others to speak from their passion too.

We had around 20 attendees. Many took notes. More took pictures of our slides (thank you David Nayer for offering your empathy chart as a slide, Sunni Pavlovic for simplifying it and David Pulsipher for designing them), and five stood up to ask questions at the end. You can read the tweet one of the participants sent afterwards at the top of this page.

And what do I walk away with? With a deep appreciation for the collaboration with my panel: David Pulsipher, Sunni Pavlovic and Terese Wier. And an enormous celebration of the comfort and excitement I felt as I talked about Nonviolent Communication. My stage fright and performance anxiety calmed down as soon as I spoke from my heart about a topic I deeply care about: empathy.

20160312_105831_picmonkeyedI am SOOO ready for more speaking engagements!

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