Bring your vision, values, and goals in alignment

Empathy works. It always does.

Self-Transformation and Nonviolent Communication Workshop

David and Elly are excited to welcome you in our NVC workshop “Self-Transformation”, Saturday and Sunday June 10+11, 2017.

We will have two days chock full of empathy practice, exploring the difference between cause and stimulus for our feelings, transforming blame into acceptance of our needs, understanding our pet peeves, and noticing the happiness we can find in this moment. With more self-understanding and self-acceptance, we can make choices that make life more wonderful. For us and for others.

In this workshop, we work on:

  • how childhood messages have impacted our sense of self
  • bringing curiosity to our pet peeves, so we can connect to the needs hidden in them
  • noticing moments of happiness, and celebrating what does work in this moment
  • practicing empathy skills in a safe environment
  • supporting each other in this process

This workshop is intended for participants of all experience levels. Return participants will have a chance to support newcomers with empathy. Newcomers are invited to experiment with their empathy skills. Together we nurture community, acceptance, and emotional warmth and safety to explore our most vulnerable selves. We expect the workshop to be inspiring, intimate, and powerful.


  • Please, bring a sack lunch, two snacks, comfortable clothes and a notebook.
  • We love our vegan household and request that you bring food that’s free of animal products (or take care of your own waste stream).
  • Please come perfume free, to support those who are allergic or sensitive to perfume.
  • If you need something in particular to make this work please ask!
  • We request $190 to support the couches and the coaches. If money is an issue, please call or message us about a scholarship. We want everyone to be able to participate.

We are truly excited to offer this. We find self-acceptance, self-transformation, and empathy a live and vital subject. We are delighted to have two FULL days to explore it.

With compassion and much expectation,

David Nayer and Elly van Laar