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Nonviolent Communication Workshop “Mindful Relationships”

David and I are excited to bring you a one day NVC-workshop “Mindful Relationships” Sunday November 12, 2017.

We want to bring more Connection, Love, Acceptance and Emotional Safety to the world by inspiring more understanding and compassion about our interdependence and our relationships with others.

A workshop on supporting how we relate with others,
how we deepen our most intimate relationships,
and how we connect to strangers.


We will share tools for connection and understanding our and other’s emotions. We’ll work on appreciating emotions as messengers of universal needs, to relate to others more compassionately, and to cherish both the message and the messenger, especially if our needs are unmet. We’ll explore how to build empathy, honesty and trust with those who are closest to us, how to convey our needs in a way that invites joyful support, and how to build a quality of celebration into our relationships that conveys our genuine gratitude for what is working while we also stand up for what we want more of.

How can we realize we are not responsible for other’s feelings
While we are responsive to other’s needs
And equally responsive to our own needs?


With two days we have the whole second day to look at practical tools to support our most intimate relationships. A majority of our time will be devoted to paired empathy exercises. Our process is designed to support learning in an inclusive, warm and nurturing space. We strive to support all levels of understanding and practice: beginners, advanced participants, and those in between.

  • Workshop runs 10:00 am to 4:30 pm Sunday.
  • Please, bring a sack lunch, two snacks, comfortable clothes and a notebook.
  • Please come perfume free to support folks who are allergic or sensitive.
  • If you need something in particular to make this work please ask! David, 512-589-0481, Elly, 512-589-0482.
  • We request $100 to support the couches and the coaches. If money is an issue, please call or message us about a scholarship.
  • We want everyone to be able to participate. If your schedule limits you, we can discuss attending the first day only. Sign up here (click ‘workshop’, then ’12’, you can pay through this link or in cash/with check at the workshop itself)

With compassion and much expectation,

David Nayer and Elly van Laar

The Austin NVC Community has been supporting the training and practice of Empathy since 1993. Our moderators bring decades of experience supporting both the distillation of key ideas and the practice needed to become fluent.