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Nonviolent Communication Self-Compassion Workshop

Self-compassion is the antidote to self-criticism, comparing ourselves to others, and beating up on ourselves. With self-compassion we can be more kind to ourselves, accept our pain, and see that others suffer just like us. This helps us to learn from our inevitable, human failures and expand our opportunities to enjoy the one life we’ve been given.

Join us for our two-day Nonviolent Communication workshop “Self-Compassion”!
  • Saturday and Sunday, December 23+24, 10:00-4:30 pm at 4802 Eilers Avenue, Austin, TX 78751.
  • If you need something in particular to make this work please ask! David, 512-589-0481/, Elly, 512-589-0482/
  • We ask $195 for coaches and couches. If money is an issue: ask for a scholarship. We’d like to include everyone.
  • We love our vegan household and request that you bring food that’s free of animal products (such as meat, fish, birds, cheese, milk, butter), or take care of your own waste stream.
  • Please come perfume free to support those who are allergic or sensitive.
  • Sign up here (you have to click on “December 23” to finish registration)
With compassion and delight
Elly and David