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Nonviolent Communication Groups

The Nonviolent Communication workshop was great. Ideal amount of lesson and paired empathy practice, with a well-balanced intermixing of the two modes. Content was excellent and flowed nicely. The created environment felt safe. The pairings were good and I was surprised at the ease I felt continuing our stories even though it was with a new person. It’s good to switch up the people because each pairing brings a refreshing dynamic and new insight. Overall, I got a lot out of it.”

Donna Di Gangi, Austin, Principal Consultant DiGangi Consulting, LLC, Austin, June 2017

“I’ve been attending Elly’s Nonviolent Communication practice group for over two years and continue to find value in the practice, as well as new areas of my life where I can apply empathy and Nonviolent Communication. Elly’s style is fun and engaging and very welcoming to new members joining the group. I recommend the group to anyone interested in bringing more empathy into their lives or learning more about Nonviolent Communication.”

Bud Loveall, Austin, March 2016

What is Nonviolent Communication?

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is not for the weak of heart. It is not about being nice. It is not about compromise.

NVC is about having the courage to express ourselves truthfully, and to listen empathically to others. It is about being open and creative enough to find solutions that work for everyone. It is about asking for support, respectfully and considerately, with Santa Claus energy.

NVC is an understanding, a set of skills, a consciousness. It is a language from the heart that embraces our emotional experience and our knowledge of our shared humanity.  It is a process of connecting to and having language for a more profound awareness of our experience that we can learn, practice, and master.  NVC was created by Marshall Rosenberg, whose primary focus was on making life more wonderful.

Where and when are the NVC classes?

  • Sundays, 1:00-3:30, Eilers Avenue, Austin 78751 (David Nayer+Elly van Laar)
  • Mondays, 7:00-9:15, Eilers Avenue, Austin 78751 (Elly van Laar+David Nayer)
  • We request $20 for all groups to support coaches and couches. We want to include everyone, so if money is an issue, please ask for support.
  • We celebrate our vegan household and invite you to bring plant-based snacks- or take care of your own waste stream.

Benefits of Nonviolent Communication

  • Deeper ability to connect to others and ourselves through empathy
  • Better understanding that everything we say or do is an attempt to meet universal, human needs
  • More openness to connect to feelings as messengers of needs met or unmet
  • More acceptance that some strategies are a tragic expression of unmet needs
  • More willingness to offer support for collaborative solutions, when needs are unmet

Contact Elly

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