Bring your vision, values, and goals in alignment

Empathy works. It always does.

New! On-Site Coaching

Ready to face a challenge and resolve it?

I’ve noticed many gifted people getting bogged down with things they want to do, and never seem to accomplish. Some of the issues I hear people share – keeping people stuck:

  • Feeling overwhelmed with the mess in their space
  • Not having a clear idea how to move forward with their career
  • Wasting time on not-so-important projects, instead of focusing on the big rocks
  • Feeling frustrated with their boss, and not knowing how to address this
  • Feeling guilt for taking time for self-care
  • Wanting to live more in integrity with their values

Steady Support is Key

These sticking points are totally normal parts of life – they offer us an opportunity to expand beyond our comfort zone, learn more about ourselves and our inner obstacles, and live the life we love.

I believe it helps if you have the support you need to stay inspired and commit to action.

I come to your home, workplace, or other location and coach you through a tough issue. I bring a self-reflection sheet, an overview of feelings and needs, my mindfulness bell, probably some chocolate (apparently our brain needs extra glucose after we have accomplished a challenging task, and I am all for eating chocolate), and whatever else I think might be helpful to guide you through your process. My goal is to empower you to learn a process that works for you, so that the next time you dread doing something, you remember some of the tools to help you work though that.

What About the Money?

I ask my regular coaching fee of $100 per hour, with a minimum of two hours, and $30 per each 20 mile (I might top it of, we have to figure that out when we talk). I’ll bike to you if you live within 10 miles from my home (HydePark, Austin)!

Reach out for me

If you want to see if this is your thing:

(512) 589-0482, elly @ elly van laar dot com. I hope to hear from you!