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Empathy works. It always does.

How is Coaching Different from Empathy?

How is Coaching Different from Empathy?

One of the most important skills in coaching are our listening skills. We carefully listen to what’s being said, what’s not being said, the tone of voice, facial expressions, sighs, pauses, gestures. Without judgment or evaluation, just an unconditional acceptance of our client’s experience as their own, precious experience. A rich ground to further delve into their aspirations, values, dreams, goals, and obstacles.

So far the similarity.

The difference is that coaching takes it a step further by exploring who you want to be, what you want to do, and what you hope to have. It is very intentional and direction-oriented, without ever losing sight of the journey as the destination. The coach uses powerful questions, metaphors, exercises, and inquiry to help you deepen your awareness of motives and obstacles, your self-limiting beliefs, and inner critic. With that deepened awareness, you can make better choices to create the life you want. 

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