How do I distinguish a good from a bad coach?

There are no good coaches or bad coaches. There are coaches who help you get closer to your dreams, and coaches who don’t.

Coaching is a partnership between two people who are resourceful, creative, and whole. Since the coach and the client work together to help the client move closer to their goals, the relationship is the vehicle for change. So, a good coach is a coach with whom you build a relationship of trust, integrity, understanding, and support.

So how do you find a coach that is a good match for you? These are the steps I recommend:

  • Ask for a free, discovery session, so you can experience what the relationship might look like, and evaluate if you trust that working with them would help you.
  • See whether you like their listening skills, their questions, their suggestions, their openness to your feedback when their input doesn’t work.
  • Research if they are certified with the International Coach Federation, I like the quality of ICF-credentialed training I am currently participating in.
  • Survey how many hours they have coached (or years they have put into their ancillary practice).
  • Read their testimonials, and see if you like the specific qualities of this coach.
  • Check if their resume inspires you.

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