Helping Nonprofit Leaders Transform Conflict

Leadership Coach and Mediator

“I now have regular standing meetings with that person who is much higher than me on their organizational chart than I am in mine. And they have connected me to key doers and movers and shakers within their organization to start getting things done.”

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Megan Elkins

Director of Talent Pipeline Success, Workforce Solutions in Austin

“I really appreciated the sense of calm and openness you brought to your webinar. I took as many notes about that on the meta level as I did about the content.”

Joseph Halbert

Assistant Dean, College of Graduate and Professional Studies, Abilene Christian University

I deeply appreciated your panel “Online Harassment” at SXSW, Elly. I found it informative and calming and it was one of the most useful talks that I attended. Thank you for your contributions.

Carolyn Cohagan

Author, Girls with Pens

I think what we saw is that there is a deep need right now for people to have a space to connect and be seen/heard. I was also very moved by what was brought to the space, and it reinforced my sense that these workshops on self-care are really important work right now. I’m looking forward to the next time.”

Niko Hilgerdt

Pedagogical Leader, Austin Waldorf School

“My partner and I were interested in her in the role of coach. I walked away from the webinar “Align your Values with your Actions” with hope and practical tools for an easier daily way of living. It was very useful that ze gives practical tools for everyday life, like set very small goals so there is a big opportunity you will succeed, and that gives confidence for taking the next steps. My partner and I are very proud Elly is our sister. I felt encouraged, she can really make a difference in someone’s life! There is a lot of wisdom and humor in her and that makes it wonderful to see her as a coach. I recommend her to everyone. Elly is a very inspiring lady and fun to hang around with because she is also vulnerable about her own struggles.

Hanneke van Laar

Personal caretaker for people with mental disabilities, De Hartekamp Group, The Netherlands

“I wanted to attend ‘Train your Mind‘ because of the topic. And being with Elly. I walked away with tools to work with the anger/intense emotions within my inner world and the outer world.

Jess Ambiee

Social Worker, Austin, TX

“Elly, Thank you for offering the webinar “Tragic Expressions of Unmet Needs”. The topics were especially timely. Your presentation of the “5 Secrets to Resolving Conflicts” prior to the webinar was delightful as well as engaging. It was an excellent introduction. Your skill as a coach was evident in the way you included each participant. I appreciate your introduction to Marshall Rosenberg’s approach to Nonviolent Communication. Once again Elly, thank you for sharing your expertise.”

Austin, TX

“Thank YOU, Elly! The self-care webinar was truly the best way to start my day, and as always, I walked away with a fresh perspective and deeper understanding.”

Megan Elkins

Director of Talent Pipeline Success, Workforce Solutions Austin Area