Elly’s Immutable Laws

  1. Compassion reigns – We open our heart to the suffering of others and stretch ourselves to contribute and bring joy.
  2. Empathy works – We always try to understand the needs under each behavior, even ‘tragic expressions of unmet needs’.
  3. Turn Towards– We never give up on each other. We always, always try to restore understanding and connection.
  4. Gratitude – We are aware of how much we’ve been given to. We are inspired to share our riches with others.
  5. Own our stuff – We are responsible for how we’re feeling and what we’re needing. We don’t blame others for our situation. We ask for help and reflect on what we can do better ourselves.
  6. Get Rich Right – Wealth is a vehicle for doing more good for ourselves, our community and our world. Not for self-indulging.
  7. Pet every puppy and smile to every child – We cannot do great things, only small things with great love.