Leadership Coaching

 A team leader of a social service nonprofit reached out for me, because he was dissatisfied with the quality of the team meetings, didn’t know how to respond to team members’ emotional upset, and felt overwhelmed with parts of his job.

Over the course of a year and 21 sessions we worked together to develop his leadership skills. We focused on his inner obstacles in saying ‘no’ and prioritizing his work, on asking for help, on his discomfort in providing negative feedback, and on collaborating with his team in creating a culture of respectful listening and constructive self-expression.

As a result he learned to conduct deeper and more cohesive team meetings, prioritize big rocks for his work and stick to his plan, be more intentional in his talking, allow for disagreement, and appreciate different perspectives.

Team Coaching

A team leader of a social service nonprofit reached out for me, because her team members avoided difficult conversations with each other and residents.

We worked together for a day on effective communication, constructive feedback, and conflict resolution skills. The training helped the staff realize the value of listening non-judgmentally without interruption or thinking about how to respond, and of listening for needs and interests, beyond specific strategies or positions.

As a result their collaboration with each other and their service to their clients is improved, and they are better able to understand what truly matters to the other party and find solutions that benefit both sides.