Helping Nonprofit Leaders Transform Conflict

Leadership Coach and Mediator

Success Story Leadership Coaching

A team leader of a social service nonprofit reached out for me, because he was dissatisfied with the quality of the team meetings, didn’t know how to respond to team members’ emotional upset, and felt overwhelmed with parts of his job.

We worked together to develop his leadership skills. We focused on his inner obstacles: his guilt in prioritizing his work and saying ‘no’, his discomfort asking for help, his struggle to share negative feedback. We also worked on his skills to create a team culture of respectful listening and constructive self-expression.

As a result he learned to:

  • conduct cohesive team meetings
  • identify and address the priorities for his work
  • block off time for envisioning, reflection and writing
  • be more intentional in his talking
  • allow for disagreement and appreciate different perspectives

Success Story Team Coaching

A team leader of a social service nonprofit wanted to work with me, because her team members avoided difficult conversations with each other and residents.

The team and I worked together for a day on effective communication, constructive feedback, and conflict resolution skills. The training helped the staff realize the value of listening non-judgmentally. They noticed the difference between listening for feelings and needs, versus listening to respond or to defend specific strategies or positions.

As a result their collaboration with each other and their service to their clients improved, and they are better able to understand what truly matters to the other party and find solutions that benefit all stakeholders.

You will have the most success with my coaching, when you are:

1. Self-reflective

They value discovering themselves, their obstacles and biases, and personal mastery.

2. Compassionate

They care about themselves and others, and want to include all needs.

3. Appreciative

They love working with me.

4. Purpose-driven

They are on a mission to be of service.

5. Reliable

They show up on time for appointments, reschedule in advance, or had an emergency.

6. Honest

They share what works and doesn’t work in our relationship and help me be a better coach for them.

7. Accepting

They like my mindfulness bell, the feelings and needs list, and work with my quirks and mistakes.