Helping Nonprofit Leaders Transform Conflict

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Helping Nonprofit Leaders Transform Conflict

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The do’s and don’ts of living with empathy, compassion, and integrity

“Thanks!!! I enjoy reading all of them!!” Carol Jean L-Z, Austin, TX

“Oh wow, Elly!  How many people have been in your shoes and decided to meet their needs for emotional and financial safety, instead of their needs for integrity????” Diane Emerson, Vashon, WA

What you need to not get confused about the direction you’re taking

What you need to not get confused about the direction you’re taking

I am wandering around Houston airport looking for signs that I am at the right gate for my connecting flight to Amsterdam. I can’t find any. Nor anyone at the help desk. I feel confused and start to feel anxious. If I am at the wrong gate, I will miss my flight and be...

The one thing you can do when you lied

“Did you see the email I sent you? I was wondering if you were back from the Netherlands?” My best friend invited me for lunch. We are enjoying a chia bowl. I had seen it. Two days ago. But I felt too discombobulated to reply after my traveling. And I didn’t want to...

Honor Culture and Conflict Coaching

On the day my neighbors move out, I hang out with the kids while they pack their car. At the end of their final check through the house, they turn off the air conditioner. A few days later, a handyman paints the kitchen cabinets and turns it back on. This makes sense,...

“Actually, this one”

“Actually, this one”

Anger, blame, demands, and criticism are hard-to-hear messages. You can learn openhearted curiosity to create more connection.

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