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Empathy works. It always does.

Befriend Your Saboteur, a workshop Nonviolent Communication

One and a half hour of sheer self-care

Do you ever struggle with inner critical voices that stop you from moving forward? Have you ever tried to silence your “saboteur”, finding out you spent a lot of effort, with no result? Affirmations, goal setting, and positive thinking don’t seem to do the trick. You want to trust that your decisions support your future self, and you’re stuck between forcing yourself to take action or maintaining the status quo.

Benefits of this workshop

  • Listen to the beautiful, human needs of your inner critic
  • Include those needs in the path you want to commit to
  • Connect to the wisdom of your future self
  • Acknowledge the commitment, courage, creativity, and compassion it takes to move forward
  • Make peace with all the different parts within yourself

Some Principals of Nonviolent Communication

  1. Everything we say and do is an attempt to meet universal, human needs
  2. Needs are universal throughout space and time
  3. Strategies are individual, localized ways to meet those needs
  4. Conflict arises at the level of strategies, not of needs
  5. Feelings are messengers of needs being met and unmet, like a check engine light on our car
  6. Connecting to our feelings, both pleasant and unpleasant, helps us to understand the needs in the strategies
  7. Connecting to our physical sensation is an effective way to empathize with all the needs within us

Upon Request

I offer this 1 1/2 hour workshop upon request. It’s a great gift to your employees and friends.

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